LALIZAS stands by the young generation of the Shipping industry

LALIZAS is more than happy to support the YES to Shipping Forum 2020, part of Posidonia Web Forums Week, being one of its official sponsors.

Students, graduates and young executives will have the chance to take part in an open dialogue with distinguished executives from the whole spectrum of the maritime cluster as well as with prestigious academics and representatives of Ministries.

Participants will be able to share their opinions and views on the future of the Greek shipping industry,...

LALIZAS: “Rising from the ashes” 2000-2020

Today, the 23d of October, is a special day for #thelalizasforce, as we proudly celebrate 20 years from a very unpleasant, but milestone, event.

In 2000, LALIZAS had 50 employees, 1 factory and 4 branches all over the world, when a disastrous fire broke out at our premises and destroyed everything.

That event was the trigger for the rebirth of LALIZAS, which years later resulted to its further development, owning 6 brands, 6 factories, 10 branches, 8 logistic centers and 7 franchises, having 650...

Sharing knowledge: the basis to ensure safety at sea

Getting closer to your partners in order to understand their needs and be able to serve them in the best possible way is everyone’s goal. For the safety industry, it is absolutely necessary to agree that the main focus must be given on the human life, so as to ensure its safety at sea; extensive knowledge is the key. Building expertise is a long journey that needs effort, constant training and focus on market needs and feedback.

Honest synergies with appreciated partners have been a great asset...