MADE IN GREECE AWARDS 2019: LALIZAS receives two Gold awards from the Greek Marketing Academy

The Made in Greece Awards has been a big celebration for both the academic and the corporate world, honoring manufacturing companies from various industries. The Awards, organised by the Greek Marketing Academy, have been established in order to empower the effort of production plants of companies which are based in Greece.

On the 16th of December, the event took place in Athens, at the Athens Concert Hall, gathering people of significant importance and impact.

LALIZAS has been honored by receiving two Gold awards,...

Lalizas Newspaper was an initiative embraced by all of our partners!

People at Metstade Show (19-21/11) were the first ones to grab a copy and get informed about all recent Lalizas actions.

At MarinTec China (3-6/12) people also got amazed when they went through our newspaper, realizing that for Lalizas, safety is an ongoing process!

‘’Lalizas News’’ includes highlights from 2019 and worth sharing moments for which we are proud of.

The strategic acquisition of the Italian liferaft manufacturer, Arimar plays a leading part in our newspaper and underline...

LALIZAS has been awarded for its long-standing contribution to the Greek Yachting industry

LALIZAS has been awarded for its long pathway in the Greek nautical industry, being a key player within the Yachting market. Having commercial presence in more than 130 countries, all these years of operation in a global scale have made us synonymous with safety at sea.

The Yachting Awards Gala 2019, took place at the historical Zappeion Megaron in Athens, Greece, in order to honour all main contributors of the Greek Yachting industry.

On the 12th of December 2019, this great initiative was organised for the first time by...