LALIZAS | 1982 - Setting The Sails

Setting The Sails

Mr. Stavros Lalizas former National Sailing Champion founds LALIZAS by responding to the demands of the sailing market in his house and starts selling through out the region of Greece custom made lifejackets.

LALIZAS | 1985 – Business Expansion

Business Expansion

Within 3 years the brand name LALIZAS became renowned and identical to "safety" regarding Sailing. Due to a vast demand for marine accessories and safety equipment, the home based facility was transferred to new premises and became a small factory. By that time, the personnel reached the number of 15 persons and the production line consisted of 150 product codes.

LALIZAS | 1986 – Crossing the Borders

Crossing the Borders

Due to continuous development and rapid growth of sales, LALIZAS set its first exporting activities and established a commercial presence to Australia and afterwards to Netherlands, where participated in the International Expo for the first time.

LALIZAS | 1995 – A Giant Leap

A Giant Leap

Nearly after a prosperous decade, the company had to respond effectively to a significant increase of demand from the national and global markets. For that reason, the company was transferred to new premises. This investment gave the company the opportunity to establish a bigger factory, which allowed a substantial growth of production capacity.

LALIZAS | 1996 – Commercial Expansion

Commercial Expansion

After being able to meet the increased requirements of the local and abroad markets, the company managed to reach its commercial presence to 45 countries.

LALIZAS | 2000 – Ground Zero for LALIZAS

Ground Zero for LALIZAS

On the 23/10/2000 the company faced upon an unfortunate incident. For unknown reasons, the factory facilities caught on fire, which resulted to an immense disaster. The outcome was a total loss which literally almost put the company out of business.

LALIZAS | 2000 – Moving Firmly Forward and Setting new Goals

Moving Firmly Forward and Setting new Goals

Almost two weeks later, on the 4/11/2000, LALIZAS participated in Athens Boat Show by stating that will not give up and will continue all over again with the same corporate vision and vigor. The main goal at the time was to be 100% operational within 90 days.

LALIZAS | 2001 – Goal Achieved

Goal Achieved

Under great endeavors and with a solid commitment to the company's main target, LALIZAS was back in business with new and modern premises. All the employees at that time and later on, contributed both diligently and efficiently towards the recovery of the company, along with the company's customers who provided impartially their support. As a result, the turnover at the end of the year was double from the previous year.


ISO 9001-2008

LALIZAS acquires once again the new ISO 9001-2008 for Manufacturing and Trading Rescue & Maritime Equipment.

LALIZAS | 2010 – ActionAid welcomes a new Ally

ActionAid welcomes a new Ally

Sharing the same vision with ActionAid, LALIZAS takes part in this social endeavor by making donations and sponsoring children and contributing to their right for a better and promising future.

LALIZAS | 2011 – New ISO Lifejacket collection

New ISO Lifejacket collection

One of the first lifejacket manufacturers that develops lifejackets according to the new standards, showing once again its firm position in the market.


SOLAS life-rafts OCEANO

Introduction of the brand new LALIZAS life rafts. OCEANO life rafts which are certified by SOLAS and LALIZAS ISO certified life rafts designed for the leisure market. Manufactured by LALIZAS, with external lifelines, retro reflective tapes and deep ballasted water pockets. The SOLAS OCEANO is manufactured and tested in accordance with SOLAS latest amendments and MED directive ensuring the highest level of safety for the occupants, and the LALIZAS ISO life rafts has been tested according to ISO 9650-1 standard for Safety, the testing standard that has been adopted by the most European Countries.

LALIZAS | 2015 – Kappa & Theta

Kappa & Theta

Introducing our best inflatable life jacket yet. ISO certified.