• LALIZAS supports the fundraising for cancer research, through Maarten van der Weijden foundation

  • Lalizas actively supports the largest sailing school in Greece

  • First Aid Seminar in Thessaloniki

  • Official Collaboration with the Hellenic Rescue Team

  • ActionAid - LALIZAS donates 1€ from the sale of every Child's Lifejacket

The LALIZAS group of companies is a firm believer that a healthy company in terms of finances, should also be a healthy company in terms of social responsibility. Caring about the environment and our community should not be something that companies do on their “free time”. That’s why we are constantly striving to achieve strategic partnerships with organizations that provide help for those who are in need.

Our activities vary, starting from being an eco-friendly company ourselves and trying to recycle as much as possible to other activities that give back to society. Some examples are sponsoring rescue teams, organizations that fight cancer and sailing schools, or organizing rescue seminars at sea, always with the help of credible associations with many years of experience in the field.