The 3 pilars of the action plan KOSMOS

  • ActionAid - LALIZAS donates 1€ from the sale of every Child's Lifejacket

  • Sponsor of the World Sailing Championship 2009 for Disabled people

  • Official Sponsor of the Hellenic Federation

  • Sponsor of the Athens Eurolymp Sailing Week 2010

  • Sponsor of the Athens Eurolymp Sailing Week 2010

  • First Aid Seminars

  • First Aid Seminars

The group of LALIZAS firmly believes that a healthy company operates efficiently and successfully only if it contributes in the establishment of a healthy and prosper society, by proving that a corporation apart from making profits, can also act responsibly towards the society and the environment in daily basis.

The people of LALIZAS are deeply concerned and respond positively and unanimously to the LALIZAS’s program “KOSMOS” which consists of 3 action pillars: Society – Environment – Entrepreneurship.


Since the beginning of the program the actions that are being taken are:

Social Actions:

  • Recycling
  • Less paper usage
  • Consolidated social insurance coverage
  • Visits by an authorized Doctor and Security Technician
  • Frequently educating seminars for the company’s employees
  • Art encouragement by providing theater tickets to the company’s employees

Sponsorship for the:

  • 1st Greek Rescue Team Conference
  • "British 2008" shipwreck mission (Greek – Canadian team)
  • Palaiou Falirou Nautical Group coach team
  • Greek Nautical Group coach team
  • Loutsa Nautical Group
  • Sailing book of the Porto Rafti Nautical Group
  • Commodore Club