The commercial shipping industry faces new challenges every day. The vessels must constantly comply with new regulations and standards, the inspection control in the ports is stricter and the fear of the ship being detained is more present than ever before. LALIZAS offers what ship owners & ship managing companies need: a total safety solution that ensures the vessel’s compliance.



Since 1982, we have been committed to designing and manufacturing life saving products of the highest quality, becoming the leading force in supplying the global commercial shipping market with safety equipment.

We value Safety above everything else and we recognize that Safety remains the most important consideration of all. Therefore, we cover all forms of safety solutions that are delivered aboard a ship, offshore vessels or oil rigs and will continue to provide LSA, FFE and PPE products of the latest technology, while continuously expanding the range of our products ensuring also the entry into the global Fire, Safety and Rescue market.

Our In-house R&D, Design and Quality departments develop products that the commercial industry vessels need, such as lifeboats, SOLAS lifejackets, MOB systems, immersion suits, breathing devices and FFE products, but also medical equipment, in order for the vessels to sail carefree and for the professional seamen to feel secure in their workplace.

We set the bar so high that the products we offer on board not only meet the latest maritime and equipment standards and comply with both national and international regulations, but also exceed the standards, so that seafarers are prepared to operate with safety and reliability even in the harshest conditions.

The shipping industry demands cost-control and continuous operation without money and time loss. We help you plan a vessel’s fire fighting, rescue and lifesaving requirements, so that the vessel remains in compliance and ultimately operational from one source.

We understand the necessity of immediate service of equipment. We offer you a worldwide service, where you deal directly with our safety experts within a global established network in all the major ports.

From liferafts to firefighting equipment and rescue systems, we can service and replace all the appliances, wherever a vessel arrives at any time and at the most competitive prices, making sure for all ship-owners that their vessels will depart with the minimum short-port stay.

You can count on us!