Solutions that are cost and life saving

In a world where energy demand is at its highest level, the oil and gas production is inevitable while the majority of the production takes place offshore and the secure energy supply is crucial.  

Safety is the primary responsibility and is provided by best life saving equipment preventing incidents that endanger people and production units ensuring an absolute minimum of operational interruption.

For us at LALIZAS a human life is the most important consideration, yet we understand that offshore vessels and offshore installations need to operate smoothly unaffected by incidents that can interrupt the production flow. Therefore, we have developed safety solutions that incorporate our in-depth knowledge with the latest knowhow and are certified with the latest mandatory regulations.

We stay at the forefront by developing and manufacturing innovative life saving products, more efficient protective offshore gear that not only protects, but also facilitates the operations of the wearer, fire fighting devices and chemical and gas protective gear. We are ready to respond to events of evacuation emergencies with our liferafts, lifejackets, embarkation and pilot ladders as well as our emergency equipment devices.

In addition, the maximization of production goes hand in hand with the compliant, serviced safety equipment. LALIZAS safety solutions meet all product standards and comply with both national and international regulations minimizing the costs of maintaining regulatory compliance.  Our skilled experts around the globe contribute to the smooth operation on oil rigs, providing world-class service, global support and an immediate replacement of products when needed.