Significant changes are taking place in the Defence sector worldwide, demanding from this field to seek reliable solutions to enhance safety of stationed and mobile forces overseas.

Safe oceans is one of the principal responsibilities of the defence sector. There are people, who choose to serve and defend others, who choose a life of duty and for these people, for you, it is our mission to manufacture the best lifesaving equipment ensuring your protection.

Our expertise and the year-long experience with the armed forces and the wider defence industry have helped us understand from within, the risks and threats the personnel is ought to face daily, contributing to successfully develop a wide range of life-saving products that are targeting the defence sector and can be trusted, in order for the forces to perform effectively and with safety.

The latest knowhow is implemented in the production process, designing products with maximum security features, which are compliant with the mandatory international and national regulations. Innovative life-saving appliances, fire-fighting devices and protective gear are only few of the products that encompass the product range and not only protect, but also facilitate the operations of the professionals.

By paying close attention to detail, we are ready to supply the armed forces and respond to events with our world-class Liferafts, lifeboats and evacuation systems. We can customize products and service agreements that cover all your needs and we constantly strive for perfection and of course, your protection.