Whether it is sailing or any other kind of watersport, all these activities require preparation and extra caution by following the safety rules, in order to comply with specific regulations which are set to ensure safety on deck. LALIZAS offers complete safety package solutions that boat owners, yachting and watersport enthusiasts need, aiming to make them feel safe on board.

Since the earliest days of our manufacturing safety products operations, we have been the no. 1 choice for sailors and boat enthusiasts on safety equipment for both sailboats and motor boats, not only because of our wide range of life saving appliances and complete boating solutions, but also because we meet the highest of quality standards, certified to ISO, SOLAS and IMO regulations.

Our expertise in designing and producing the best ergonomic lifejacket for the marine industry is based on the experience of LALIZAS CEO Mr. Stavros Lalizas, who has been a professional sailing athlete himself. In addition, the fact that we have sold more than 15 million lifejackets proves that the LALIZAS name has become synonymous to safety.

With our total safety solution package consisting of life rafts, immersion suits, ISO and SOLAS foam lifejackets, inflatable lifejackets, MOB systems, navigation lights and many more products, (we) LALIZAS can guarantee your safety on deck.

As all of our products comply and are up-to-date with international regulations, exceeding the quality standards set by the market, we can and do provide you with simply the best safety appliances, so you can sail away across the vast oceans or from coast to coast in total safety.

As sailors ourselves, we understand the urge of wanting to meet new places, to sail on new waters, to dive into places no one has ever been before. Therefore, we have made sure that wherever you go, in any continent of the world, you will be able to find our products. Only LALIZAS offers you worldwide support, as through our well established and global network of Lalizas safety experts you can deal and seek advice directly in all major ports and marinas around the world.

You are safe, everywhere you go.

Enjoy the sea, enjoy the Oceans, with LALIZAS LifeSaving.