Horseshoe Lifebuoy "Quick RD", 142N

Horseshoe Lifebuoy with minimum buoyancy of 145N is made of polyester with PVC backing. It is waterproof and its fabric does not fade, while it is highly resistant to UV radiation.

For storing this lifebuoy you can use the Horseshoe Bracket (20580), where the Lifebuoy Light M.O.B (70030) can be also mounted, while the “Quick Fit” Horseshoe Cases (70018 & 70019) are ideal for its storage.

Image Code Colour Buoyancy (Nt)
Horseshoe Lifebuoy ''Quick RD'', 142N, yellow 70162 image 70162 Yellow 145Ν
Horseshoe Lifebuoy ''Quick RD'',142N, orange 70164 image 70164 Orange 145Ν
Horseshoe Lifebuoy ''Quick RD'', 142N, white 70165 image 70165 White 145Ν