Work Vest 50N, ISO 12402-5

• Approved to the European standards for 50N buoyancy aids, ISO 12402-5
• All of its raw materials are tested per ISO 12402-7 and ISO 12402-8 for higher strength, quality and durability
• Specifically designed and manufactured for use in the work environment
• It is open on the side areas, being lightweight when wearing it
• Made of special polyester anti-fire fabric
• Its two waist webbings are adjusted by the stainless steel D-rings and hooks
• It comes with SOLAS Retroreflective Tapes (70180)
• It has a fabric pocket for placing tools or other light equipment
• It is available in one adult size and in orange colour

*Impa Code 331171

Image Code Type Weight (kg) Chest Size (cm)
LALIZAS Work Vest, 50N, ISO, >40kg 71144 image 71144 Adult >40 kg 80-130