LALIZAS Lifebuoy Ring SOLAS, with Reflective Tape

The lifebuoy ring is obligatory for all boats and an advantage for land-based applications. When overboard, it is a MOB system of significant importance as it is able to provide buoyancy and keep people afloat in case of emergency.

LALIZAS lifebuoy ring is designed for both commercial and recreational use. It features an orange, rack hard, cross – linked polyethylene outer shell that will not deteriorate. Its construction permits it to remain unharmed no matter the weather conditions. LALIZAS lifebuoy ring is CE approved to SOLAS (L.S.A Code) * by DNV-GL.

Designed for pleasure and commercial usage, features an orange, rack hard,cross - linked polyethylene outer shell that will not deteriorate and is unaffected by extreme weather conditions CE approved to SOLAS (L.S.A Code)* by DNV - GL*

*Impa Code 330151,330156,330157, 330158,330152, 330153,330154, 330155

Image Code Weight (kg) Drop Height (m) Buoyancy (Nt)
LALIZAS Lifebuoy Ring SOLAS, w/Reflect.Tape, Ø73cm, 2.5Kg 70090 image 70090 2.5 kg (5,51lb) 80 ≥ 145 Nt
LALIZAS Lifebuoy Ring SOLAS, w/Retroreflective Tape,Ø73cm, 4Kg 70110 image 70110 4 kg (8,81lb) 80 ≥ 145 Nt