LALIZAS Liferaft OCEANO, Open Reversible

• Ideal for passenger ships operating in coastal or inland waters
• Equipment pack: HSC Pack
• Available capacities: from 25 to 65 Persons
• GRP canister
• Durable rubber fabric
• Double chambered tubes
• Stowage height up to 10m (Painter line up to 20m)
• Fully operational at temperatures from  - 18°C up to +65°C
• Global Service Stations’ network
• Supplied with deck cradle in wooden box

* The table given below shows the total weight of each liferaft including its canister, without the deck cradle & the wooden box.  

Image Code Max Persons Pack A B C D E H Cradle Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
LALIZAS Liferaft OCEANO,Open Reversible Type,25 prs,canister 79898 image 79898 25 HSC 712mm 4114mm 4114mm 1230mm 630mm 550mm 600 x 560 92
LALIZAS Liferaft OCEANO,Open Reversible Type,30 prs,canister 79899 image 79899 30 HSC 746mm 4474mm 4474mm 1285mm 670mm 575mm 600 x 560 109
LALIZAS Liferaft OCEANO,Open Reversible Type, 50 prs,canister 79900 image 79900 50 HSC 854mm 5680mm 5680mm 1490mm 760mm 675mm 600 x 660 168
LALIZAS Liferaft OCEANO,Open Reversible Type,65 prs,canister 79901 image 79901 65 HSC 914mm 6434mm 6434mm 1490mm 760mm 675mm 600 x 660 215