LALIZAS Liferaft SOLAS OCEANO, Davit-Launched

• For use on all kinds of vessels, providing safe evacuation from the vessel’s deck
• Equipment packs: SOLAS Pack A or SOLAS Pack B
• Available capacities: from 15 to 25 persons
• GRP canister
• Durable rubber fabric
• Double chambered tubes
• Stowage height up to 36m (Painter line up to 46m)
• Insulated floor for low temperature conditions
• High visibility canopy with SOLAS Retroreflective Tapes
• Fully operational at temperatures from - 30°C up to +65°C
• Global Service Stations’ network
• Supplied with deck cradle in wooden box

*Impa Code 330220

*The table given below shows the total weight of each liferaft including its canister, without the deck cradle & the wooden box.  

Image Code Max Persons Pack Weight (kg) A B C D E H
LALIZAS Liferaft SOLAS OCEANO, Davit-launched Type, 16 prs, canister (Α) 73134 image 73134 16 A 160 1800mm 3392mm 3302mm 1350mm 700mm 700mm
LALIZAS Liferaft SOLAS OCEANO, Davit-launched Type, 12 prs, canister (Α) 75187 image 75187 12 A 148 1600mm 2983mm 2903mm 1286mm 670mm 670mm
LALIZAS Liferaft SOLAS OCEANO,Davit-launched Type,20 prs,canister (A) 79885 image 79885 20 A 208 1850mm 3815mm 3715mm 1470mm 750mm 710mm
LALIZAS Liferaft SOLAS OCEANO,Davit-launched Type,25 prs,canister (A) 79886 image 79886 25 A 240 2000mm 4225mm 4065mm 1680mm 770mm 710mm