First Aid Kit SOLAS 74

Certified by the Ministry of Merchant Marine/Merchant Ships Directorate according to (a) the International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea 1974 (SOLAS 74) and the 1983 amendments, (b) the Royal Decree 36/1967 and (c) the Presidential Decree 277/1997.


Anti-Angina Preparations, Anti-Hemorrhagics Including Uterotonics, Anti-Acid Mucous Dressings, Anti-Emetics, Anti-Diarroeals, Analgesic-Antipiretics, Analgesic-Anti-Inflammatory Praparation, Antiseptic Mercurochrom, Antiseptic Eau Oxygenee, Burn Preparation, Cannula for Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation, Adhesive Elastic Bandage, Sterile Gauze Compresses, Cotton Wool, Disposable Polyethylene Gloves, Adhesive Dressings, Sterile Compression Bandahes, Adhesive Sutures, Sterile Gauze with Fatty Water and Vegetable Oils for Burns, Adhesive Tape, Scissors, Thermometer, Disposable Syringes 2.5ml - 5ml

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First Aid Kit SOLAS 74, For Life Boats - Life Rafts 71245 image 71245 First Aid Kit SOLAS 74, For Life Boats - Life Rafts
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First Aid Kit SOLAS 74