Cargo Gear - on board

LALIZAS highly skilled technicians have all the knowledge required in order to efficiently conduct onboard inspection and load testing of all sorts of cargo gear, from engine room cranes to deck cranes, and various pad eyes.  

The cargo gear - on board inspection includes:

  1. Check for crane satisfactory condition such as structure, wires, possible cracks. Check its lifting capacity by performing an operational test at SWL + 25%
  2. Daily charge for weight test kit rented to customer to perform load testing
  3. Third party charge for repair to weight test bags (i.e. Texas Boom)
Image Code Description
72892 Crane Load test <5TN
72893 Crane Load test 5-10TN
72894 Crane Load test 10-20TN
72895 Crane Load test 20-50TN
73560 Water Load Bag Testing
73561 Water Load Bag Testing,Repair