Foam fire extinguishing systems - on board

LALIZAS highly skilled technicians have all the knowledge required in order to efficiently inspect foam fire extinguishing systems.

The annual inspections of high/low Expansion Foam System and of foam system includes system’ s inspect, service & function test.

The chemical analysis of foam compound, low and high expansion includes foam sample analysis.

More specifically:

  1. Inspection high / low Expansion Foam System
  2. Chemical analysis of foam compound, low and high expansion       


Test kit contents




The LALIZAS Fire fighting Foam Sample Kit with Analysis provides a convenient, fast and easy method of collecting fire fighting foam samples along with providing accurate testing of low and high expansion fire fighting foams. The prepaid kit provides everything  needed for shipboard personnel to collect samples, convey necessary information to lab, and send samples for analysis.

- Two wide-mouth foam collection bottles (950 cc)

- Sampling instruction labels

- “Request For Foam Sample Analysis” triplicate form

- Pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label

- Shipping box

- Two plastic bags

- Kit includes pre-paid shipping of the sample to the LALIZAS lab.


- Consistent, quality analysis performed by one certified LALIZAS lab

- Testing in accordance with IMO MSC .1/Circ 1312

- Additional testing performed to ensure foam type

- Results sent back electronically to ship and shore side management

- History of lab results and certifications stored in web based system

- Automatic notification prior to next periodic test


















3. Foam system inspection


Image Code Description
72772 Foam Sample Analysis
72869 Annual Inspection of Foam System