Lifeboat Fall Prevention Device Dyneema, Set

The LALIZAS Lifeboat Fall Prevention Device Dyneema is used to avoid fatal accidents resulted from malfunction of the on-load release hooks. The Top Quality FPDs are developed to withstand the applied forces of almost 40 tons and to provide an additional safety in the event of the hook system’s failure. Before the lifeboat release is performed, the FPDs, which are fastened on the fall blocks, are removed. When the lifeboat is recovered, the FPDs are once more being attached to the lifeboat. It is highly recommended to implement the FPDs in any maintenance work to prevent unfortunate incidents and to improve crew’s confidence while operating the lifeboat in an emergency. The FPDs are also in compliance with the MSC 1 / Circ.  1327 regulation, approved by Lloyd’s Register, and suitable for most lifeboat types.



Set includes: 1 sling & 2 shackles

MBL: 39.0 Tons

SWL: 6.5 Tons

DIAM: 22mm

Length: 0.80mtr or 1.00mtr

Lloyds Certificate (Lead time for Certificate preparation / 5 Days)

Weight: 12.5kgs /Set

Material: Polyethylene

Enviromental Test available upon request


Image Code Description
Lifeboat FPD 100cm, Dyneema Rope, with 2 shackles 72066 image 72066 Lifeboat FPD 100cm, Dyneema Rope, with 2 shackles