Fishermen's trouser

Fishermen's Jackets and Trousers have a 0,35mm double PVC coating on the inside of the fabric to make it 100% waterproof and on the outside to provide extra durability. Even fish blood and grease are fairly easy to clean.

Instead of seam stitching, the different garment parts are "glued" as a second security to make it 100% waterproof. The LALIZAS Fishermen gear is designed to minimize the possibilities for nets to get caught while working. They feature full front flapped zipper and inner hand cuffs. The pants have a high bib at the front and black with elastic adjustable belt straps with buckle closure. 

Image Code Size Colour Inside leg (cm)
Fishermen's trouser-Small-green 40195 image 40195 Small Green 76
Fishermen's trouser-Medium-green 40196 image 40196 Medium Green 79
Fishermen's trouser-Large-green 40197 image 40197 Large Green 84
Fishermen's trouser-XLarge-green 40198 image 40198 X Large Green 89
Fishermen's trouser-XXL-green 40199 image 40199 ΧΧ Large Green 91
Fishermen's trouser-Small-orange 40205 image 40205 Small Orange 76
Fishermen's trouser-Medium-orange 40206 image 40206 Medium Orange 79
Fishermen's trouser-Large-orange 40207 image 40207 Large Οrange 84
Fishermen's trouser-XLarge-orange 40208 image 40208 X Large Οrange 89
Fishermen's trouser-XXL-orange 40209 image 40209 XX Large Orange 91
Fishermen's trouser-XXXL-green 72490 image 72490 XXX Large Green 96
Fishermen's trouser-XXXL-orange 72491 image 72491 96