Lifelink MOB Danbuoy &Horseshoe, grey

• The MOB items are automatically inflated after release & coming into contact with water
• Saving valuable stowage space
• Easy-to-fit MOB
• Rapid deployment in case of emergency
• Material HDPE with UV protection
• All metal components are stainless steel
• Created via rotomolding
• Distance between horizontal rails: 300 – 310 mm
• Service required after each use or 3 years after the manufacturing date by an authorised LALIZAS service station

• An HDPE durable case
• High visible inflatable Danbuοy assembled with LALIZAS Lifejacket LED Flashing Light water-activated “Safelite IV” SOLAS/MED/USCG
• High visible inflatable Horseshoe with LALIZAS Whistle (70010)
• Drogue
• The stainless steel parts for its placement onto boat rails

Conforms to the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations

Image Code Description
LifeLink MOB Danbuoy & Horseshoe, Grey 73669 image 73669 LifeLink MOB Danbuoy & Horseshoe, Grey