Buoyant Deck Cushion

  • Equipped with waterproof outer material and filled with polyethylene foam
  • Can provide efficient buoyancy to the casualty in case of MOB situation
  • With integral straps around the cushions for easy & quick carry
  • Can lock on your boat with the nylon hook at their back
  • Available in white, red and blue colour, single or double
  • White cushions are made of PVC
  • Red and blue cushions are made of polyester with PVC overlay
  • It is recommended to spot clean the cushions with cold fresh water
Image Code Colour Weight (kg) Material Deck Cushion Buoyancy (Nt)
Buoyant Deck Cushion, single, white 11511 image 11511 White 0,5 PVC Single 100
Buoyant Deck Cushion, double, white 11512 image 11512 White 1 PVC Double 200
Buoyant Deck Cushion, single, red 11513 image 11513 Red 0.5 Polyester Single 90
Buoyant Deck Cushion, double, red 11514 image 11514 Red 1 Polyester Double 190
Buoyant Deck Cushion, single, blue 11515 image 11515 Blue 0.5 Polyester Single 90
Buoyant Deck Cushion, double, blue 11516 image 11516 Blue 1 Polyester Double 190