Fit & Float Buoyancy Aid, 50N, ISO 12402-5

Fit & Float Buoyancy Aid is a basic and economic version for water sports. It covers the waist and back throughout the body, while it remains comfortable. It includes one webbing fastener and plastic zip. An end and top ropes are fixed the lifejacket for adjustable wearing. All of its raw materials are certified per ISO 12402-7 and ISO 12402 -8 for higher strength, quality and durability.

Image Code Type Weight (kg) Chest Size (cm)
Fit&Float Buoyancy Aid, Child. 50N, Child., ISO 12402-5, 30-50kg,red 72155 image 72155 Child 30-50 kg 60-80
Fit&Float Buoyancy Aid, Adult, 50N, Adult, ISO 12402-5, 50-70kg,red 72156 image 72156 Adult 50-70 kg 80-100
Fit&Float Buoyancy Aid ,Adult, 50N, Adult, ISO 12402-5, 70-90kg,red 72157 image 72157 Adult 70-90 kg 100-130
Fit&Float Buoyancy Aid,Adult, 50N, Adult, ISO 12402-5, 90+kg,red 72158 image 72158 Adult > 90 kg 130-160