Child's Lifejacket, Chico 100N, ISO 12402-4

• Approved to the European standards for 100 Newton lifejackets, ISO 12402-4
• All of its raw materials are tested per ISO 12402-7 and ISO 12402 -8, for higher strength, quality and durability
• Lifejacket’s foam distribution helps the child to face upwards, out of the water, providing quick turn in case it is unconscious
• A large flotation collar supports the child’s head
• All codes feature a crotch strap for higher safety
• It includes one webbing fastener, LALIZAS Whistle (70010), plastic zip and SOLAS Retroreflective Tapes (70180)
• An end rope with plastic button is fixed at the end of each lifejacket for adjustable wearing
• Improved fit and maximum safety
• The baby (72069) and the child (72070 & 71073) lifejackets feature fabric diaper
• Available in 4 sizes


Image Code Weight (kg) Type Chest Size (cm)
Chico Lifejacket, 100N, ISO, Child, 15-30kg 71073 image 71073 15-30 kg Child 60-70
Chico Lifejacket, 100N, ISO, Child, 30-40kg 71074 image 71074 30-40 kg Child 70-80
Chico Lifejacket, 100N, ISO, Baby, 3-10kg 72069 image 72069 3-10 kg Baby 50-60
Chico Lifejacket, 100N, ISO, Child, 10-20kg 72070 image 72070 10-20 kg Child 60-75