Full face mask Promask for filter use

A multi-function full face mask provides unrivalled comfort and protection against a wide variety of respiratory hazards. Filters not included.

  • The respirator features a unique, contoured T-profile sealing adge for superior fit
  • Sweat port in the chin pocket provides added comfort during extended periods of wear
  • The special inner mask reduces CO2-content (<0,5%) within the mask to a minimum, thereby decreasing user fatigue
  • The design prevents the visor from misting by directing the airflow across the visor
  • The positioning of the filter reduces the likelihood of neck strain and permits good downward visibility
  • The halo-butyl compound of the Promask black provides unmatched resistance to chemicals, ozone ageing and to daily wear and tear
  • All valves are made from flexible, long-life silicone
  • Highly efficient speech diaphragm provides clear communication
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