Radar reflector,Tube type

Lightweight and compact design offers almost no wind resistance and will not interfere with sails.

Eyes on both sides allow the unit to be secured snuggly to the shroud.

Radar reflectors are useful to enhance your boat's signal on the area's radars. They reflect energy from the radars and thus enhance the signal of the vessel. This is very useful, not only on emergency cases but also on situations when visibility is low and other nearby vessels cannot see you.

Made of aluminum elements crossed at several 90° angles in a plastic casing, very high reflecting rate, practical and noiseless.

Tube Type -Shroud MOUNTING - 21.5 SQF Reflective Area


Image Code Length Diameter
Radar Reflector for Sailboat, Tube Type 72075 image 72075 59 cm 5cm
Radar Reflector for Powerboat,Tube Type 72076 image 72076 57 cm 5cm