New Anniversary  LALIZAS Catalogue 2012

LALIZAS celebrates the anniversary of its 30 years of operation with the release of the new catalogue 2012.

The new catalogue, which will be available in 9 languages, will be enriched with new products such as: lifejackets dry bag, hand bear...

LALIZAS sponsored Tsouka - Stavridi 2011 Sailing Race

LALIZAS was the sponsor of "Tsouka - Stavridi" sailing race which took place in NOPF from 3 - 4 September 2011.
The race was held in ideal weather on Saturday, September 3, and following by an event on Sunday, September 4.

At the beginning of the seminar, the Marketing Director of LALIZAS, Mr. Spyros Spinoulas presented LALIZAS new generation inflatable lifejackets to his intent audience and compared them with the previous series. He also emphasized safety and comfort as one of their basic characteristics.

At the end, a prize draw took place and the winners...

LALIZAS and Facebook give their hands

LALIZAS has its own page on Facebook for the immediate and easy news feed of its visitors. In the new page the visitor may learn the company's news for new products and its use; make comments, expresses his opinion, and share tips and experiences by making likes and writing on the wall.

The new page aims to attract more friends who want to find out the full range of products in shipping items and equipment for the boat.

All the news of the company is now published in Facebook, the habit that became necessity.

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