Sponsoring the supporters of sea sports & activities

LALIZAS being an irreversible sponsor of those who support every sea activity, contributed the events by offering special maritime gifts to the following nautical and sailing clubs:

  • Patra Sailing Club
  • N. Epidavros Sailin...

New Languages Available at LALIZAS' Digital Catalogue and Website

LALIZAS website will be soon available in 2 additional languages: German and Chinese. Find now your favorite new variety of marine equipment products on-line, in the renewed LALIZAS web site www.lalizas.com


LALIZAS New Year Celebration 2012

According to a Greek custom, every first Day of the Year, Greek families make a luck-bestowing bread —or pie, or cake—called Vassilopita, cut it in many pieces and whoever gets the wedge with the coin will have good luck for the ensuing year.