New Lifejackets

2011-05-09 | New Lifejackets

Lalizas proudly announced its new life jacket categories Omega, Alpha and Sigma Lifejackets, all certified with ISO standards. More specifically:

Omega Lifejackets 275N: The new range of Omega inflatable lifejackets 275N complies with ISO 12402-2. Omega's gas inflation lifejackets' slim fit, light weight design and rugged constructions are combined to form the ultimate in lifejacket technology.

Alpha Lifejacket 150N: The Alpha gas inflation lifejacket has been designed to offer affordable safety for all. Its compact design, low weight, high quality construction is directly attributable to our class leading Omega jackets. The Alpha offers a more rationalised design for the coastal and inshore yachtsmen.

Sigma Lifejackets 150N: The sigma lifejacket is an economic lifejacket available in auto and manual version. The ultra lightweight design makes Sigma comfortable to wear and its webbing system makes it a user friendly jacket. This cost effective lifejacket is available in red and its transparent area allows the user to check the operating head function.