Inflatable Life Jacket Myths

2012-05-04 | Inflatable Life Jacket Myths

Inflatable Life Jackets have been around the market for over 25 years. But within this period of time, there are still quite a few misperceptions about how these life saving devices work.

Myth 1: Inflatable life jackets are too expensive.

The prices of LALIZAS inflatable life jackets approximately go around between €60 and €80. Sometimes, even these prices are considered expensive too, but you must take under serious consideration that when the bad moment actually occurs, a cheap life jacket won’t provide the optimum safety in the water as a good quality inflatable life jacket would. Belt-pack inflatable life jackets, tend to cost less and can be worn and fit just as easy as a regular inflatable life jacket.

Myth 2: One size fits all.

Most inflatable life jackets are designed to have a “universal adult” size, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t be adjustable to every adult body size. All inflatable life jackets have adjustable cinch straps that will provide a good fit for nearly every size of grown-up and also there are inflatable life jackets than are designed especially for children.

Myth 3: Inflatable life jackets do not need maintenance.

Wrong! Almost every equipment on a boat needs to be maintained on a regular basis in order to work properly and sustain its longevity. The same goes for every inflatable life jacket. Before you head out on the sea with your boat, make sure that you have checked properly your inflatable life jackets. First, ensure that the CO2 cylinder is screwed firmly in, doesn’t have any corrosions and you can see the green indicator tab. Then make sure that there are no holes on the lifejacket. The best way to check (once a year) is to blow it up with your mouth through the oral tube, wait overnight, inspect for wear and check for any air leaks. If it is still inflated, then it’s ready to use. Also there are many certified service stations were you can check the status of your inflatable life jackets.

Myth 4: Inflatable life jackets are uncomfortable.

No! Inflatable life jackets on the contrary are comfortable and can be easily fit almost on every body type. They provide full body movement without trapping body heat. Last but not least, they can be easily stored on the boat without taking a lot of the boat’s storage space, like the conventional life jackets do.