24 hours in a LALIZAS Life raft: Mission accomplished!

2019-10-22 | 24 hours in a LALIZAS Life raft: Mission accomplished!

The Hellenic Rescue Team (the Water Search and Rescue Department), the Hellenic Air Force, and LALIZAS joined their forces in order to conduct a sea survival training in order to support and raise awareness on the importance of safety at sea!

On the 20th of October 2019, 10: 05 am the training was successfully completed and everyone was safe and sound!

The sea survival exercise took place at the west side of Pagasitikos Gulf, in Nea Aghialos, 4 nautical miles from the shore.10 castaways (8 civilians and 2 rescuers) were in an ‘actual’ case of emergency and remained in a LALIZAS life raft for 24 hours using its lifesaving equipment in order to ‘survive’.

Staying loyal to its values keeping everyone at sea safe, LALIZAS provided the Hellenic Rescue Team with the life raft and all lifejackets. Additionally, one of the well-trained LAIZAS experts joined the ‘castaway team’ to support and guide it, following a presentation which demonstrated the proper use of lifesaving equipment such as the lifejacket and the life raft, which are both mandatory for safety while at sea.

Konstantinos mentioned: “All the ‘castaway’ team was calm, more than it was expected, posing different and straight to the point questions with sincere interest regarding lifesaving equipment”.

Participants felt safe in the LALIZAS life raft, with the code name MEDUSSA, as all essential equipment was functional and efficient.

Even though MEDUSSA had to cope with sea-mild weather wind that changed its route, everything was under control and on time as coordination among all forces was excellent. Camera recordings of thermal and conventional imaging binoculars, with distance and position determination, were also on plan to secure participants’ condition. The total support of the Hellenic Rescue Team as well as the Hellenic Air Force was invaluable for the completion of this great effort!

After the collection of all castaways, the Hellenic Rescue Team mentioned: “They are all in a very good mood and after their basic needs were met, blood samples have been taken, as well as recordings of their vital signs, sleep and stress. They are currently with the clinical psychologist for a final discussion and evaluation of their experience”.

As there was full camera recording of the whole operation, a video with all highlights from the footage of this experience will be available the next few days on LALIZAS YouTube channel for everyone to watch!

For LALIZAS, it was an honor to support this great initiative in the frame of educating people to enjoy sea with safety, as this is company’s core value.

For us, Safety is not just a product, it is an ongoing process!