Lalizas actively supports the largest sailing school in Greece

2019-07-12 | Lalizas actively supports the largest sailing school in Greece

LALIZAS and YCG – the Yacht Club of Greece – both have in common fundamental values and share the same vision in promoting safe and easy access to the sport of sailing, for the younger generation.

Coming from a sailing background himself, Mr. Stavros Lalizas - the CEO of Lalizas – knows and understands the difficulties and dangers that many young athletes face on a daily basis. In addition, we are aware that sailing is a demanding sport that requires professional safety equipment, in order for people to enjoy both recreational and competitive sailing.

Because of our common sailing background, the long lasting and highly respected cooperation we have established over the years, LALIZAS would like to announce that we will be supporting the Yacht Club of Greece by suppling its sailing school with a variety of lifesaving appliances and sailing miscellaneous items.

Starting from June and for a whole year, LALIZAS will be the main sponsor of the Yacht Club of Greece, providing with all the boating equipment that the club may need, in order to facilitate its sailing school’s activities and ensure its smooth operations.

As stated in our motto, our people are our strength and we are more than pleased to support in this way, the much appreciated and incontrovertible efforts of the young generation to achieve their goals as athletes, because we do consider them as part of our sailing family.

Apart from providing the school with safety products, we believe it is very important for us to inform and educate the athletes about the importance of safety at sea, since we would love to see more and more people take up the sport of sailing.

Through this great sponsorship opportunity LALIZAS would like to confirm yet again its never ending support to the recreational marine industry and to all boat enthusiasts.

Being that The Yacht Club of Greece through the years, has actively focused on preserving and spreading the sailing heritage of Greece, we at Lalizas are thrilled to be a part of this common project.