Record attendance for the LALIZAS group at OTC 2019

2019-05-20 | Record attendance for the LALIZAS group at OTC 2019

LALIZAS would like to express its appreciation for everyone that visited us at the OTC 2019.

LALIZAS participated in the OTC 2019, for which it was a significant year celebrating 50 years since its initiation back in 1969, partnering to bridge collaboration throughout the global offshore Oil & Gas industry.

At the Conference, we made once more worldwide known our acquisition of Alexander/Ryan Marine & Safety, which celebrated 55 years in maritime business keeping their customers team members safe and assets operating profitably offshore.

It was of a great importance for us to support our partner and to strengthen our presence in the offshore oil and gas industry, keeping in mind the needs of the maritime professionals and the challenges they face. The acquisition allows us and Alexander/Ryan Marine & Safety to operate through 200 service stations across the globe, providing new and complete safety solutions by an experienced network. The Lalizas group also consists of Antipiros, which since 1975 has focused on authorized services from fire-fighting systems and appliances to safety equipment, as well as in various training programs.

The major essence of the Conference was that we have actively engaged with over 1,000 customers that visited from 40 different countries and both parties have gained insights regarding the changing landscape and future of the Oil & Gas industry. On a final note we are very contented that approximately 300 of these customers had the title of Supervisor, Manager or Executive.

 We take SAFETY on-board SERIOUSLY!