All-round white pedestal light "Junior" N12 & S12

These all round pedestal lights are designed for sailboats under 12m. These lights are much smaller in size without detracting from good design and good operating function. The pedestal fitting gives a firm attachment to the boat. Durability and longevity are ensured through the high quality construction standards of Lalizas.                                
- Material: Nylon fibre mix housing. Shatterproof polycarbonate lens.   
- Contacts: Brass
- Seal: Nitrile water resistant     
- Bulb: 12V / 5W
- Luminous intensity: 5cd      
- Minimum visibility distance: 2 nautical miles

Image Code Model Housing
All-Round 360° with Black housing Junior 7 30803 image 30803 S12 Black
Tri-color Light with Black housing Junior 7 30804 image 30804 N12 Black
All-Round 360° with White housing Junior 7 30813 image 30813 S12 White
Tri-color Light with White housing Junior 7 30814 image 30814 N12 White